My name is Brad and I have been a falconer since 1970. I live near the coast in Central California. My favorite flights in falconry have been small falcons after small birds 20 or so years ago. However for the past 20+ years I have been flying larger falcons on ducks. Prior to that I flew passage merlins, barbary falcons, and various other small hybrid falcons. I especially enjoy flying small falcons (such as Barbary tiercels) after Doves and other small/medium sized birds. I am presently flying my 7x intermewed 3/4 Barbary x 1/4 Peregrine (Female) on ducks. Her name is Sunny and she is a very high flier and is my favorite all time "duck hawk" I have ever flown. I also fly a 3 year old Finnish Gos who laid eggs this year and will now be a part of my breeding project. I am going back to smaller birds and hope to fly one of my Red Nape Shaheen tiercels (still in the egg, wish me luck!) on Doves. At home I breed Red Napes, Barbary/ Red Napes, Barbary/ Peregrines, and Peales Peregrines. My best falconry memories have been with Barbary tiercels on Doves. This year I hope to duplicate or exceed those memories with my next small falcon, hopefully a Red Nape tiercel. After 40+ years of falconry I have learned alot, but the most important thing that I have learned is that I have alot more to learn! I welcome your stories and advice on anything when I post on NAFEX. Remember, falconry is supposed to be fun! Thanks, Brad