Short Cuff Deer Skin Glove - Medium to Heavy Duty Use

Very High Quality Glove / Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL

(Measurement around palm of hand without thumb.)

Small: 6 – 7 1/4 inch circumference
Medium: 7 – 8 3/4 inch circumference
Large: 8 1/2 – 9 3/4 inch circumference
X-Large: 9 1/2 – 10 1/2 inch circumference

Western Sporting now offers a very comfortable and durable deer-skin glove. It is a short-cuffed glove with the hawk perching areas covered with a double layer of deer skin which is soft, yet durable. We rate our gloves based on use and size of raptors that they are suitable for. However, this particular gauntlet will serve the falconer well for raptors from 16 ounces (Cooper’s-sized) right up to 38 ounces (gyrkin-sized). The measurement from the back of the cuff to the tip of the index finger is approximately 10 1/4 inches.