Duck hawk for sale. The frustration of conditioning these big females in this climate has finally pushed me over the edge. It's just too warm here to do her justice. I need to replace her with a tiercel hybrid so I'm looking to get enough to do that. I also want her with a hard core gamehawker. Blood, sweat and tears went into making this bird. She needs a colder Northern climate to excel. She's taken 20 plus ducks in the past two seasons on the east coast and rarely misses once in shape. She flys high and wide at times and put on a great showing on chickens last fall. Had her feet on four. She's also taken pheasant. Some pics are on a few of my threads here. Serious gamehawkers only please. Will be travelling to the western states and flying her there so may be able to meet someone along the way or way back.
It's killing me to do this but I know there's a better place for her than here.

Please respond via pm.