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I just finished reading the article and it sounds very similar to what al the old books recomend when getting a new passage.

step 1, get it to eat well through the hood

2, when it is eating well, slip teh hood off and then back on and let the bird finish eating. each time you do this your goal is for the bird to see you then go back to eating.

soon you pick up the hooded bird, unhood her with some food on the glove and go about your buisness. I think that as he says in the article there is a long history of behaving this way towards our birds, just the words we use and some of the goals are new.
Ya, I'm of the opinion that modern falconry hasnt done a lot to improve upon what Michell and Stevens wrote about. The language has changed perhaps and maybe the "why" it works is better. Excluding imprints....