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So my first hunt was fun. While we only found one rabbit and the hawk did not see it, I got to have a nice long conversation with the falconer I was with about a lot of things falconry related. At the end of it he even said he might be able to sponsor me. He would prefer I choose a red tail as my first bird, but may be open to a kestrel. I would prefer to have a kestrel, but I am still open to a red tail. I just need to figure out how I could house a red tail in my apartment. Here is a link to the floor plan of my apartment.


I hope Mario chimes in on this as he said he knows of someone that has a red tail in an apartment, but anyone else is more than welcome to put.
Well, it would also depend on what your apartments rules on pets are. I know of a falconer who just this year had to release his RT after the owner found the RT. From there, according to the new regs., you can keep a raptor housed inside now. Will be a lot more cleaning up, and I'd definitely seriously consider molting a bird indoors, lots and lots of feathers everywhere. It's possible, just more work on your behalf. Good luck, and remember, take your time, it's not a race. One season observing and helping a falconer beat brush out in the field will go a long ways. You'll be surprised the things you learn just helping, weight control, learning to read a birds body language, and handling them. (By weight control I mean if the falconer you're with bounces the weight some you'll see the change in the bird.) I would hunt with a guy that had.....very loose weight control, and one day may be great, the next a lot of sitting. (No, not my sponsor) So good luck, read everything you can, and get out and meet some local falconers, there are several not to far from you. Semper Fi.