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To offer any advice on which band of frequencies would offer more advantages there are a few things we need to know:

1. Where are you? (aka are both bands legal where you are)
2. What sort of bird are you flying and what sort of quarry?
3. What is the terrain (open country, forested, etc)
4. Do you already have any equipment and on what band?
5. Do your hawking buddies or relatively local falconers have equipment and on which bands?

There are probably more questions but that will get us started.
1. I'm in KZN , South Africa and both bands are legal.
2. I currently fly a Musket Blackspar and the other two guys fly passage African Peregrines.
3. The terrain is mainly open , although pylons are fairly common place.
4. I currently have the previous Marshall reciever (216) and I'm looking to upgrade to the latest model, as are my two mates

As it's time to upgrade we are just looking into the benefits of each of these bands and I'm wondering what terrain or species being flown suits each frequency. Or is it just a case of whats legal in your area.