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I think that I'm the only South African falconer using a Marshall 173mhz set at the moment. I've always used 173 and am very happy with it. It makes life so much easier when tracking a truant bird at SAFA, because I know for a fact that the signal I'm receiving is from MY bird's transmitter and not from all the other 216 transmitters which falconers have forgotten to switch off. Most falconers in SA use 216, and it can be quite disconcerting when tracking a bird and you have 5 other signals to compete with in terms of locating your signal. confused
Hello Steven-

Again, we ARE NOT discontinuing the 173 receivers. They are still in production for 2012.

In addition, whenever we have actually moved on and changed a receiver model (the last total recreation was 2007 with the digital Field Marshall), we maintain a supply of parts for many years so as to handle potential repairs of the old ones.

I think Marshall Radio is unique from other telemetry companies in this regard, in that for 15 years now, we have worked to support/repair/upgrade our receivers years long after their 3 year warranty has expired.

Anyway, this is not a problem.