I had a wonderful time at the NAFA meet this year and got to meet and hang out with Jeff R, Paul D, Scott M. We had some great fun hawking sage grouse. Also got to finally meet in person Steve Laymen who I spent many hours on the phone with but had never met in person. Didn't get to meet Chris L. in person but had a short phone conversation, sorry Chris for my slopeheadedness. Mario and Richard did a great job at the weathering yard. Had some great fun with some folks from the U.K. as well. I met many other good people from this forum and that was a pleasure.

I was with Steve Jensen and after a great day finding lots of grouse, his truck came up with a serious problem and we decided to limp home Friday.

I heard that finding game was tough for some, but we got lucky each day. Didn't kill anything but saw some good dog work.

I hope all you guys that went had a good time,