With Christmas only a long jack flight away, I’d like to remind forum members that Mike’s Falconry Supplies is still running a free book (A Mixed Bag) offer with every copy of The Complete Rabbit & Hare Hawk purchased. Both books are packed with information for the general ‘Dirt Hawker’ but are perhaps of special interest to the Harris' fan.

‘Martin Hollinshead is one of the very few…a master of the hawk he admires. His description of this social raptor, the Harris’, reveals his depth of understanding and admiration.’ Harry McElroy

‘Martin Hollinshead, in just a few monographs, more than doubled the volume of books in print dedicated to the Harris’. Were he less successful and experienced a hawker, or a poor writer, this might not be an improvement. But we got lucky…. Hollinshead does more than heap additional praise upon the now world-famous hawks: he genuinely understands them.’ Matthew Mullenix.

The Complete Rabbit & Hare Hawk

‘It is on the subject of the Harris’ hawk that the author shines … It is obvious he understands the species in a way in which few falconers do ... this book should be compulsory reading for anyone flying, or contemplating flying, a Harris’ hawk …’
International Falconer

A Mixed Bag

‘The high point of the book is without doubt the series of articles on the Harris’… hoods, lures, soaring, hare hawking – and much more.’
Deutscher Falkenorden

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