Montana FWP has initiated revisions to the current falconry regs. to allow non resident take of raptors beginning spring of 2012. In a nutshell, it will allow 3 raptors of each species, excluding for the present time, nestling peregrines. A $5 application fee is required for non residents and if successful in the drawing, a $200 capture fee is put in place by the new administrative rules. The comment period ends December 30, 2011 so there is only 1 week left to submit comments either supporting or not.
Please submit TERSE comments, ie: "I am(or not) in support of the proposed non resident raptor take in Montana", or use your own words, to Bette Moe at Finalization of the rule by the Commission could occur Feb. 16, 2012, with the rule going into place March 9, 2012. Thanks to all that will take the time to comment positively.