Hi Everyone,
I have been a long time admirer of this sport having taken a brief class while visiting the UK several years ago. I have nothing, no birds, no mews, no nothing but what i have is interest and a whole pile of hunting dogs.

The reason I opted to join this site at this time though is out of necessity. I am a professor teaching a class at a local university in NH called Animals in Society and I would love to find a local person to come and speak to my class specifically about the falcon/human bond and the relationship that must develop between raptor and human in order to work as a team.

I talked to a woman in southern NH about coming to speak to my class and was told that it would cost me $450 for her to come and speak. I was a little dismayed. I do not get $$ support for guest speakers and honestly this was not something I could do as it would come out of my own salary.

I started thinking that there have to be more people in this state involved in this sport but I just didn't know how to find them, thus I decided to join your forum. Not only can I continue my own education regarding this sport as it is something I have considered participating in more fully; but I might also see if there are folks here who might be willing to share their experiences with my University students.

So I look forward to learning and if you are in New Hampshire and might know of someone who would be willing to share with my class, even the better.

Stephanie Green