My name is Allan i live in the UK. I have been involved in falconry around 10 years and have to date flown three Harris Hawks and a Lanner Falcon. Next year however i intend on flying a Redtail for the first time. My intended Quarry with this bird is first and foremost Grey Squirrel followed by Hare. Rabbit and feather may also feature on our quarry list but i wont be going out of my way for them.

There aren't many falconers using Redtails in the UK compared with Gos and Harris. Even less flying them at Squirrel. So i have brought the book "Buteos and Bushytails" to try and further my knowledge. I also thought it right to join a Forum where i may also glean some useful knowledge from, over the coming year to eighteen months.

Best Regards

Allan Armstrong