I have a passage 2010 male Harris I am going to release mid March unless one of you folks would like to fly him. A little about Dash;

He flies at 500 to 520 grams. He catches rabbits very well and his first two kills with me were both young jacks. He is 100% silent at all times. He can be a bit spooky and stand offish but I have flown him with other hunters around and he does fine. He does not like to be rushed in on on the kill but has never carried. Some interest in avian quarry but no catches. If you have squirrels in your hunting area he will chase them, I call him to the lure if he shows interest in them and we go elsewhere. Oh, he's lure trained. Getting him to just stand on the fist is always an issue unhooded, he just won't do it. But once hooded he is fine. I think that's about it, I was planning to not even offer him up but he started moulting like crazy mid Feb and I think he is down to having only 4 or 6 tail feathers so I thought I would give this a shot. No pics, trust me he looks like a Harris Hawk. Mut be picked up in person by March 15.