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I wish we had more access to Sparrow Hawks here in the states.

I have flown them in a similar fasion on pigeons. Its a great way to get them entered on game before one starts to field hawk!
Dont get caught up on the Grass is greener page.

Your far better off with a Coops. lol
I know the closest comparisons, Sharpies are generally not as steady as Euro spars, but i think a lot of this is down to exposure.
Much like how the brits view Parent reared spars but the turks demonstrate a technique that proves otherwise.

Coopers wise in the EU, we dont have the quality, The few imported lines only throw a good coops once in a blue moon, & this has caused many of us to either chase the dream or view them as a poor (overpriced) alternative species.

A good EU bred coops will nuke a spar, but the more frequently seen poor ones wont beat a Harris!

The problem with pigeon hawking some accipiters, is they do tend to favour, and the Spar used in the Video learnt very early on, that tactical fights & sneeky slips were the key, resulting in a hawk that offers little to those that was a good Falconry chase.

Basically you season the hawk very quickly without rewarding on the long hard chases that youthful hawks sticks too and dont learn otherwise.