Larry Dickerson, NAFA president, has sent an email to the members and has given me permission to post on NAFEX. The directors received notice of Wyoming's proposed closure of sections of the state to sage grouse hunting last night and having been working in response to these developments. Please read Larry's letter carefully and follow the directions for submitting comments and do so today! Thank you.
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Dear Paul

I realize your mail box may be getting full with news from NAFA and while I regret that, there are important issues that need your immediate attention and that is part of what I think you expect from your Association.

Late yesterday (March 27) I spoke by telephone with Wyoming Falconers Association (WFA) President Kenny Sterner about a very late breaking and fast moving event. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has issued a notice to the public to comment on possible closure of sage grouse hunting (not just falconry) in the eastern 1/3 of that state. It has been less than 24 hours since the WFA was made aware of this.

The WFA is asking for your help to object to this proposal. Sadly time is extremely short and comments must be received by the WGFD not later than 5 PM Monday April 2, 2012. Comments must be in writing, must be signed and must be mailed (fax and email are not accepted) and received by that time.

To read the proposed regulations change, the WGFD rationale and view a map of the area that may be impacted, click here (

To read a copy of a letter sent by the Wyoming Falconers Association to the governor of Wyoming, click here (

To review and consider including in your comments, various points of why you should object to the proposed change in regulations, click here(

To send a comment and use the Wyoming Game and Fish Department form, click here(

NAFA is developing a response to this proposal by WGFD as well and will submit comments. Sadly for this to arrive by mail in time to be considered it has to be done today. I hope you will consider making comments and how important your input is, even if you have never hunted sage grouse in Wyoming. The WFA and many other groups feel this is an inappropriate measure and may lead to long term and unintended consequences now and in the future.

My thanks to President Sterner, and the WFA for bringing this matter to our attention and a special thanks to Mr. Tom Maechtle of Wyoming for developing the points for your consideration when writing your comments and thank you.

My very best wishes.


Larry Dickerson