I really am enjoying this discussion. Thank you Dillon. I cannot wait to try some of it on my next PFRT.

Here is my question. What kind of different approaches are out there to get your hawk to make that first leap of faith and take the first bite?

I have only trained four birds so far, but I used the same technique each time. I have the hawk sit inside the house on his perch and present him/her with a juicy piece of meat.
One variable I changed was the size of the meat. I found that if I make it a bigger piece the hawk has a harder time to ignore it.
Another variable I guess was that I placed the meat on my fist while the bird was hooded. Once un-hooded I let him see it and go for it.

Any input on this will be appreciated. Obviously my approach worked, but that does not mean that there is not a better one involving Dillon's approach of manning a bird.