Howdy! My name is Aaron, and I'm from the great state of Texas. I would like to say I have had loads of experience in the sport of falconry, however, I don't even have my apprentice permit yet. I began volunteering for a raptor rehaber last fall where I have met many falconers, including the head of the rehab center (Who has asked that I not mention their name), as well as the falconer who introduced me to this site, Redtail2630.

I intend to begin falconry sometime after my freshman year of college, as I feel having a bird during this stressful period would not be good for me or my bird.

I also hope to capture a Harris Hawk as my first bird *Cringes in preparation for the verbal berating he is about to receive* XD

I hope that this site will help me along in my journey and will be a valuable resource for my falconry career (which may end here since I mentioned I was going to get something other than a red-tail for my first bird XD)

Oh yeah, and it took me a minute to see what was happening, but this emote is awesome!