Hey every one. It is that time of the year again. We are planning our 4th annual Eyass BBQ at Lake Walcott, just north of Rupert Idaho. Again we will be meeting on Friday May 25 at Lake Walcott State Park. The camping is very reasonable and is in the grass surrounding the lake. There are great areas for a fire, covered eating area along with soft ground for your tents. Every one will be responsible for there own meet for cooking and a dish to share. I will have a stove area and BBQ set up for whoever needs it. Saturday morning we will again put breakfast items together for a buffet of breakfast items. Later that morning we will be traveling into the desert where a few of us will be pulling young eyass prairie falcons from a known eyerie. This is a lot of fun guys. Even if you have never been around a bird, this is a great opportunity to see it first hand along with meeting some great people. If you're interested in camping over night, google the park and you can look up reservation information. This is a family get together, so if you have kids then bring them. I look forward to seeing you all there. If you need more info call me at 208-573-8570