I'm from NH. I've always loved birds of prey but never thought I could actually become a falconer. My husband and I moved to a new house with lots of land in September and that's when I realized I would be able to become a falconer. We didn't have any room in our previous home/neighborhood. I work from home (LMT) and set my own schedule, my daughter is 22 and works full time. I have time to put forth the dedication and have the determination to do this. It's a whole new world for me but I am looking forward it to so much.

We have 3 dogs, the youngest one I'm doing agility with (also did agility with the oldest one).

I have my falconry exam on Monday morning.
Took (and passed) the online hunters ed course. Now awaiting my field trial in June to get my hunting license as well. (another test - ugh).

I have a sponsor in place and we're discussing mews, making my own equipment etc. He has been a blessing and will probably continue to "teach me" well. I am trying to absorb as much as possible.

Once I get through all these darn tests I'll feel so much better! I am not a good test taker.