Hi guys!

So, couldn't figure out how to change my handle from Lunaries to my name. Thus, new account for NAFEX. Figured that I might as well re-introduce myself since it's been a while since I've hung around these parts!

My name is, as you might guess, Amber Ivy. I live in sunny/hot/miserable Florida as of right now, though who knows where it'll be in a few weeks. My family's nomadic; I've lived in...eh, thirty places or so, at this point. Seven states. I'm twenty three. I'm the size of a small whale, and making tracks to fix that. I don't know, what do people normally tell one another about themselves? I like to write. Read. I'm a fair artist, though feathered critters aren't much my forte.

I've been a member of NAFEX for some number of years, though never really active because, although I love to learn and I do lurk and learn a lot, I've never been in a position to do anything about it. We move around too much, honestly. I'm about to have to settle in for at least two years to go to college though, so, that should be some nice stability for a while. We'll see if I can get started with that, wherever we get settled at. If my folks -- who I still live with, yes -- don't get settled before this fall, I'm going to move to Georgia (anybody near Columbus?) to go to college there.

TL;DR version: Hi, I'm Amber and I've been an on-again off-again NAFEX-er for a while, aspiring Falconer for a dozen or so years, and I just wanted to reintroduce myself to reduce confusion as to who I am. Carry on.