[QUOTE=Ally;250386]. We're building up to full RP's but I've never done them before and he returns to the fist after a bate towards the food more often than not. I *think* what I'm doing wrong is not moving towards the food fast enough to let him realize he's making progress towards it, and not starting far enough away, so I'm making adjustments and going to try again tonight.

Ally, get a longer creance and let him pull it through your fingers as he 'rows' toward the food... Free pull at first, then lightly apply pressure letting it still slide through your fingers, after a couple, apply just a little more pressure, then again after a few a little more. Also don't get to far away from the tidbit, esp. at first. It's reward, then reward with a bit more effort, and so on. BTW not all done in one feeding, build him up to it. The goal is great effort for small reward... Big rewards will help shape his effort if done randomly.