My name is Laura and I have been waiting patiently (okay maybe not so patiently) to get involved with falconry. I am the beginner of beginners, just starting and quite excited to say the least. I live in Michigan, currently, but may be moving at some point (not soon) to another state because of work. Currently I am avidly researching and learning the ins and outs of falconry... Hopefully soon I will start studying for the test, making hoods and jesses and everything else DIY, and eventually getting a bird. Right now I am thinking Red Tail? Originally I wanted a Kestrel, but now after reading quite a bit of threads on here of personal experiences and advice, I have started to lean more towards a Red Tail- which I am still quite happy about. They are very beautiful and I can't help but smile thinking that I will have one sitting on my arm one day!!

Laura Bates