Well, not just being a Nafex member, lurker and occasional poster, I am now the Chairman of the first ever NAFA Regional Meet. Many of you NAFA members did not like the dates of our national meet being Thanksgiving week and in some cases, too far to travel. So, NAFA is trying to meet with all that wish to attend a NAFA function and there will be a Regional meet for those East of the Mississippi and next year, one West of the Rockies. There will still be the large NAFA meets held Thanksgiving week.
This years Regional meet will be held in conjunction with the Pa. Falconry and Hawk Trust meet and the dates are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of Jan. 2013 in Lancaster, Pa.
The area hosts a good number of upland game as well as some good opportunity for ducks. (And note: The occasional "Yard Grouse" have also been taken but not recommended.)
All you need from out of state is a hunting license and they can be procured on-line from the Pa. Game Commission at www.pgc.state.pa.us/ Also being secured for hawking will be the Letterkenny Army Depot. Although an hour drive, it offers many hundreds of acres for our us during the meet.
The PFHT, welcomes the first ever NAFA Regional meet and we do like to remind all that the first ever Falconry meet in the New World was held in Media Pa. back in the '30's.
We are requesting vendors to show up and there will be a "Falconers Flea Market" for those of you wishing to pass along some of your long treasured falconry items. (Already there is one gentleman who will fill up a table with rare and collectable falconry books. And another will be bringing his collection of falconry tackle collected over 40 plus years.)
We are also looking for sponsors for our hospitality meetings in the evenings. (Contact me to reserve a night.)
To book a room contact the hotel directly at the following number. Be sure to include the ID for the meet to get our $74.00 rate:

Heritage Hotel
Lancaster, Pa.
Our booking ID is: PFH010213

Shortly, we will be offering pre-registration via the NAFA website.

Feel free to contact me with questions and there will be more to follow in the next few weeks.