I had a wonderful time at the meet, there were so many great people and great birds! I hope that the regional meets continue in the future, as they brought together falconers who may never have crossed paths were it not for this event.
The DIO award was won by my FHH who found what looked like vulture vomit (or crap with meaty bits in it, no one was sure) and started horking it down. I picked her up and threw her into a tree, where she sat for a few minutes before throwing up the stuff, then looked really closely at it like she was going to eat it again. She also caught a barred yard grouse and three squirrels.
I didn't use my camera at all while there, too busy hawking and talking!
Here's some photos from my friend Jenn Campbell-Smith. She has hundreds of photos from the meet and is a first-year apprentice.
Me, Ken Aubin and Chris Tocco with first year FHHs Rogue, Jade and Sapphire and the catch of the last day.

This was our "young falconers" table, 8/10 of us sitting at the table were falconers.

We called this the VIP table, making use of Jenn's computer on short notice:

Jeff Finch brought along this stunning beauty, and has been taking quarry with it. He also had the completely white RT last year. Lucky duck!

And Patrick Miller took these photos of my FHH: