An update: As planned, I installed a backpack on my tiercel and have been using the Powermax/RT+ combo for over a month.

I couldn't be happier with the results.

The Powermax does seem a little big for my bird but it hasn't seemed to affect his flying. I still attach one RT+ via leg mount. Both use batteries at a different rate, but I always turn mine off after each use…and make sure they’re off via the signal tester. I haven’t had to test them overnight or anything…but I suppose that exactly the point of using good equipment.

We have had several "fly-abouts" the last few weeks, and it was very nice having two different transmitters. At times the RT+ was actually the preferred signal...depending on which way/how he was flying or perched.

I know many folks will say that two transmitters is too much, but I disagree. There have been a couple instances that only one transmitter was coming through and having both has given me confidence. If you have the means to do so it’s a great combo.

Also, I have heard of several birds this season that have had one transmitter fail (or it didn't get turned on) and I'm sure they would have the bird still if they used two, or were using a quality transmitter like Marshall.

Anywho...damn fly-off birds....