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    Default Welcome to the Pineo Falconry forum on NAFEX

    Welcome to our new forum! I'm getting ready to head out and look for huns with the dogs and hawks, but NAFEX owner Chris Lynn just sent me an e-mail with the details about the new Pineo Falconry forum on NAFEX, so I figured I'd whip out a quick note. We appreciate everyone's support here at Pineo Outdoors LLC, which most of you know as Pineo Falconry.

    We've been striving to design and manufacture the best technical game hawking equipment available for over 40 years. Since 1966, in fact! Our goal has always been to make highly functional and durable falconry furniture which supports safe care of our hunting hawks, and more fun in the field. We make all of our line of gear here in the US, mostly with US materials. Partly this is because we support American manufacturing, but also because most of the best materials available for use in our products are made in America.

    My original "claim to fame" is my hoods, which I've continually strived to improve, since making my first attempts in 1963. Our hood leather is a 4 ounce calfskin finished exclusively for Pineo Falconry in England, since there are no remaining American tanneries which can produce it. Our glove leathers are tanned in the United States, from USA sources hides.

    I used hawking bags for over 30 years, before developing the AVATAR Hawking Vest in 1994, with lots of input from fellow game hawkers around the US. The AVATAR Hawking Vest is the only vest widely copied. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We're flattered all right, but if you want the inimitable original, made with American made duPont nylon Cordura, American thread from North Carolina, and military specification hardware and fittings, get an AVATAR Hawking Vest or Bandolero Hawking Bag. We guarantee it will be the least expensive hawking vest or hawking bag to use and own, with many in continual use since the mid-1990s.

    Look for an article on hawking gloves and their care, which duck hawker extraordinaire Steve Oleson prompted me to write for an upcoming issue of the Texas Hawking Association's "On the Wing", edited by the famous Danny Pickens. In this piece, I write why we use American tanned heavy goatskin for our gloves and gauntlets. We have our goatskin finished in our own proprietary colors and specifications, from American sourced hides. A good hawking glove can last a season or less, or 5 or more years, depending on a host of factors, but if you take care of them, they'll generally provide several seasons of comfortable use before replacement is needed.

    But hey, it's really all about having fun in the field with our hawks and dogs, and whenever we can, our friend as well. We are committed to continually improving our gear, which has benefited from customer feedback over the past 5 decades. We welcome comment from you about our gear, and suggestions for improvements and new products you'd like to see. Okay, I'm out the door, into the Palouse!

    Best regards and good hawking,

    Doug Pineo
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    Doug Pineo
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