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Man that is some beautiful scenery. I would get lost watching the scenery and soaking it in. 5 above zero sounds about right for hawking. I went out one time -20f without factoring in the wind. My redtail did just fine. I on the other hand lasted 20 minutes.
Thang about this nice country is the size of it, its just so huge will little to no road systems.

I have to go find the hares, right now they are about 11 hours away.

IF you fly a falcon high like the lower 48 guys you lose it , because you have no way to follow it if it rakes away.

Its awesome to say the least but its a very harsh falconry climate.

The coldest I have hawked in is about 20 below and it was not easy. I would much rather it be about 15 degrees, but thats just me,