Since I'm having trouble editing my post, I wanted to clarify exactly what I've been doing with my mews. I haven't been going overboard while doing it just yet, as I know I will need a sponsor to help me do it RIGHT, instead of me doing it by myself, with lots of mistakes.

What I've been doing is converting an old, single car garage (12 x 20 feet approx.). It's in some beater shape, I'm not gonna lie. I've taken the door and squared it back up, since it had a 4 inch gap under the door. Just Simple things like that. I will admit, I've put up a few sheets of fiberglass Reinforced plastic, albeit not very large pieces.

A little too eager, I admit, but what else am I supposed to do, when my brain is all studied out? I plan on stopping work soon anyways, so I can focus on passing my test by the end of the month.