A while ago, I dropped my transmitter Signal Finder (purchased from Western Sporting) and cracked the case. This ruined my day, seriously. Signal finders cost $40, and it was the Christmas season, dangit! I was all set to grumble (give me a break - I'm old, grumbling's what I do). Ron Kumetz (NAFEX member) advised me in a PM that he helped design this gizmo, and although others sell it, Western Sporting is the manufacturer and source. Ron said "Give 'em a call - maybe they can get you a case." So I did. I would have been happy to buy a new case - but Western Sporting sent me a new one at no charge. They didn't even want my money for postage. I like to think I am a loyal guy to those who have earned it. Western Sporting, you have earned my loyalty as a customer; really, you went above and beyond. Thanks!