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North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks: The latest edition of this title is in the process of being printed.

We are now taking prepublication orders at a 10% discount. The price will go to $99.95 when it arrives here in our warehouse. This edition should arrive in 60-90 days so please be patient during this time. Those with prepublication orders will receive their copies before we process any new orders. Expected date of delivery is the first part of June—just in time for all those springtime eyasses.

At long last, this title is about to be in print. It has grown a great deal during the process.

Copyright 2013, 9th edition, 8.5" x 11", hardbound, dust wrapper, 2 Volumes, Slip Case, 832 pages, hundreds of images: color plates and illustrations. All the chapters have been updated.


*Front Matter: Acknowledgements, Dedication to Frank Lyman Beebe, Foreward by Jim Enderson, Introduction: So You Want to be a Falconer by Harold Melvin Webster, Jr.;

*Forty-eight Chapters in five Sections: Introduction to North American Falconry (11 Chapters), The Broadwings (5 Chapters), The Shortwings (6 Chapters), The Longwings (11 Chapters), Further Reading (15 Chapters);

*Six Appendices: The Hawks of Falconry, Anatomy of a Raptor, Glossary, Bibliography, References, Ango-Indian Hood Chart and Patterns by Jim Nelson, (and Index followed by Advertisers).