Hello All,

We have been going back through the files to see how Chapter One happens to contain a header from the wrong master page and can find no explanation. The files for this book are extremely complicated and we suspect a glitch occurred when saving the file resulting in the wrong header being applied. Certainly, our last printed proof was correct.

We also appreciate it being brought to our attention here on the Forum. The advance head's up allowed us to correct the problem. Thanks go to Bill Barbour.

The first group of books was shipped out to those who pre-ordered. Most were signed by Hal Webster who made a special trip down here to do so. They all contain the offending page. The remainder of the books in this edition of North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks are still at the printer. They are all being corrected prior to shipment to Western Sporting.

So, we now consider this small number of books in the first shipment, with the mistake, signed by Hal, to be collector's items.

I didn't respond to this Forum for a few days while we spoke to the printer about the options.

David Frank
Western Sporting