47 days

Ruger has been a totally different bird to work with than Apache. He is just as tame, but health issues have been a major problem. We have had a lot of rain recently and the temps have dropped. This past Sunday I noticed that Ruger had a slight Wheeze when he was breathing. I immediately began to suspect asper and started treatment. I am using Layman's treatment of ground up conifer needles in an enclosed hawk box. I grind up 3-4 cups of pine or juniper needles and put them in the giant hood with him. I change the needles every 1-2 hours and every 4 hours at night. After gassing him on the first day, I put him in a mew to let him air out and feed him. He still had the wheeze and he began to sneeze a lot. I left him in the mew for several hours and then took him back home to be gassed again. On the car ride home he cast. His casting was covered in a straw colored liquid/mucus. I have continued this routine for several days now and he seems to be doing fine. We are still have some sneezing, but the wheeze went from slight to worse to improving. He is eating fine and his normal fun self. Here are some pics from this morning when I put him in the mew to air out.