67 days (730g)

Ruger is now hard penned. It has been ridiculously hot lately and its made it difficult to work him hard unless it is inside the house. The heat affects him more than coops for sure.

My routine has been to weigh him in the morning and them to take him to a big flight chamber or outside to let him catch a baggie. I then trade him off and leave him in the mew for the day. I pick him up and he rides home in the giant hood. Once home he sits on a meng perch in the living room. I'll do some workout with him in the evening and then put him in the giant hood for the night.

Today I saw a little bit of an attitude change in him. He was definitely nervous while I was weighing him, so I opted to take him to the big flight chamber. He ignored the quail and tried to figure out a way to exit the chamber. He ended up hanging from the netting on the ceiling. I got to him to step over to the t-perch without incident. It looks like the dispersal phase is here. I'll increase his workouts in order to get him focus more.

Also, now that he is hard penned I'll start hooding training soon.