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Oh yeah, forgot to mention two things. One is he dips his butt like a bird taking a bath, but instead he mutes. The other is that when he decides he is going to make a big hop or climb up something he cheeps softly as he does it.
If he gives that much notice before he mutes, put that on cue! How awesome would it be to put it on cue and teach him where to poop. I've always played around with the idea, but never fully carried it through with a hawk. I've done it with parrots and don't see why the same wouldn't work in hawk. Of course I knew how often the parrot pooped and would take him back to his cage to go potty and then would turn him loose in the house again. It kept the furniture and our shirts poop free. Could make being married to a falconer much easier on our wives.

Not to mention, It could be handy when you had somebody hawking with you that was annoying. Aim the bird, give the cue, and splat...