Hello. Nice to find this place! Didn't know about it till yesterday. Been looking for some info on trapping a passage gos, and found the site. Sure a lot of info here on every aspect of falconry. You guys have something great here.

I've been flying since '96 and have flown everything except hybrids, golden eagles, goshawks, peregrines, and sharpshins. As far as eyas' go, I've flown eyas ferugs, kestrels, and coopers. My two best birds that I wish I had back are a tiercel kestrel and a female prairie. Both of them seemed to know they could fly and I couldn't. What a show they could put on.

I'm a field supervisor in the oilfield, so I get a lot of driving time, which means a lot of road trapping time. Everything is just about to start fledging here, so traps are getting prepared, and I'm excited to see what I can see. I'm hoping to find a passage female gos this year, but would also take a passage coops.

Great information, and lots of people willing to help. Haven't seen that in most of the falconry people I have met over the years. Most of them only give you limited information, and think they are to good for everyone else.

Looking forward to spending a lot of time here!