To those interested,

As the owner of a large service business, I've really come to appreciate the value of repeat business. Greater than 60% of our revenue come from past clients. Many referrals also pour in from them, creating new business. I've had one philosophy: treat the customer like you'd want somebody to treat your grandma. Courtesy, honesty, and integrity are great ways to not only grow, but maintain, a business.

But business is tough, and it hard to find good companies anymore, especially those that don't have that "corporate" attitude.

So on the advice of a friend and mentor I started ordering much of my falconry related supplies from Western Sporting. I have continued to use them these past two years. I'd like to post up my experiences.

I do a fair amount of business online and I've found the Western Sporting website to be very helpful, neat, and easy to use. From a technical standpoint its not "too busy" either, and I think that's important. Its a clean, up-to-date, functional, and professional website. And thus far, its been up and running everytime I've needed to place an order!

Once I hit the "complete order" button I am continually amazed at the professional and expedient service given to me by Western Sporting. My items are packaged with care and they are clean and dust free. Small items are clearly labeled and in clear zip-lock baggies (which I save for other insundry falconry items.)

And although I live fairly close (Utah, one state away) the items always arrive very quickly, generally in two-three days from placing the order. A good thing when I've run out of something or need equipment/medication quickly for a bird.

I have also found their products to generally be of fine quality, some of them obviously "hand-made." Again, its tough in this day-and-age to find products that are carefully and painstakingly constructed. I guess it helps that falconers can be such a "nit-picky" bunch.

Anywho, I know there are many places to order falconry supplies from, and I'm sure the majority of them are great. But I have really enjoyed the SUPERIOR service, the GREAT quality, and the PROFESSIONAL business etiquette provided to me by Western Sporting.

Thanks Western Sporting, David Frank, and Crew.


Caleb Stroh