Hey I am a full time vet tech student. My goal is to specialize in avian. I was wondering if getting my falconry license is a good idea? I do not want to hunt with birds. I do not want to own a bird. I have owned over a 100 species of birds my whole life. Trained many to free fly. I love all animals but my passion is really in birds. I have none right now though as I am in the process of moving near toronto and have a cat and a dog. Most of my knowledge about them comes from watching videos and reading books about them in the wild. I know almost all the raptor groups and their habits. or at least I try! It has been a life long thing, I see a raptor or bird and just read about it. My real goal is to work with them in zoo type, or conservation, Or any kind of wildlife that is a positive place that helps birds and I can use my education to continue to do it. Not really interested in working in a vet clinic. I understand there are many species that are flown and do not hunt like turkey vultures. black vultures, other old world vultures, Some smaller old world vultures, the more aggressive powerful bigger old world vultures. All the owl species, Tawny, Steppe eagles, The sea eagle family, Storks, Corvids, Etc.. Is there a training course we can get that can train us in this for the purpose of education to help us further in our career? Please let me know. I want to get my wildlife rehab course done while i am studying hopefully I am not to late to apply. But i feel the training is not enough. Thanks. SS