My name is Dan Scrivener, and I have been an avid falconry fanatic for almost 12 years. It has been a passion that had grown into an obsession. I have been to many meets in Arizona, but with my life at the time, I was unable to devote the time necessary to be a falconer.
I also have just spent 4 years in the Navy working on metal raptors(f18). Before I joined the Navy I was a veterinary technician that has worked with all kinds of exotics from tigers to geckos. My passion and heart has always been with birds of prey. Now that I am out of the Navy, I am back to working as a vet tech at an emergency clinic.
I now have the time to truly devote to my passion and also have a girlfriend that supports my passion. I passed the new Arizona exam, found a sponsor, had my facilities inspected, and now am ready to find my partner. Any help and support in my journey would be very much appreciated!

Dan Scrivener