Just thought I'd introduce myself. I've had an interest for years but its only been now where I am able to finally move forward and work on becoming an apprentice. I've been working with Wes through professional development for my work in how to do training and such with a red tail and I'm excited to say he agreed to be my sponsor. I'm currently studying for my test. I tried taking it several years ago but didn't know of the proper study guides and failed it by two points. I am hoping to pass with a much better score this time around. I live in Springfield, GA but work as a senior keeper at a wildlife center in Savannah, GA. I'm an avid bird lover, interested not only in falconry, but in photography, living history, and have been doing middle eastern dance for many years now. I hope to meet people and learn what I can in order to be a successful falconer!

Carrie Newton