Hello all!

While I may be new to this board, I am not new to raptors or eagles. I have about 10 years of experience training various eagle species and about 12 years of experience with raptors in general. I started in 98 at a fairly well known raptor center while I was in college. I was associate with (and even employed by) them for about 6 years. I was lucky enough to work with many bald and golden eagles while working with said center. Along with eagles I was lucky enough to get to train peregrine, lanner and saker falcons; merlins and kestrels; broad winged hawks, red shouldered, red-tailed (of course - one of my absolute favorites even if they are a dime a dozen ), and even a (misimprinted) coopers hawk; black vultures and turkey vultures; the standard array of north american owls (GHOW, BNOW, BDOW, EASO). I have also worked at several zoos in the US. My experience at zoos includes working with condors, bateleurs, white backed vultures, lappet faced vultures, ornate hawk-eagles, african fish eagles, and the great harpy eagle. I've been fortunate enough to glove train bateleurs, african fish eagles and harpy eagles. I have developed a very distinct appreciation for all raptors, but as you can probably tell, I definitely love large eagles. I would say my dream scenario would be to run a facility that displays and breeds all of the worlds large eagle species and works to provide North American zoos with these animals. I definitely believe that there are not enough eagles represented in zoos. I look forward to getting to know people here and look forward to great conversations.