Hello, I am John Herrin, 23, I live in the Helena, MT area. Ally was kind enough to point me here from an apprenticeship forum.

I am just starting into falconry. I have been doing a lot of reading over the past few months. The books I currently have are,

Dirt Hawking
Apprentice Manual and Study Guide that I got from Mike's.
Hawking and Falconry for Beginners
Falconry & Hawking. by Phillip Glasier
Practical Handbook of Falcon Husbandry and Medicine
The Compleat Falconer
A Falconry Manual

As well as a few books that I checked out from the local library. I have also been reading up on the rules, regulations, and laws concerning falconry on both the state and federal level. Though I found out that Montana has the same regulations at the federal government.

So I am here to get to know the community a little better and continue my interest in the Falconry world. Any tips or suggestions are always welcome.