Hello all:
I'm a pre-apprentice in Winter Garden Florida and I just passed the exam. I have all of the state required equipment; made a creance and lure; purchased some hunting gear;license; and snake proof gaitors. After reading many topics on this forum and talking to the owner of Davidsons Falconry I'm preparing everything for a RT because a sponsor will most likely push for a RT over a RS hawk plus it is an amazing bird of prey. I have a local welder bending and welding an indoor/outdoor bow perch which should be ready this weekend and I'm planning on a tabletop setup in my garage and I will weather him/her outside supervised. The reason being I have a very strict HOA and any outdoor structure will raise hell. I am waiting for a response from a local inspector on my setup ideas. I have sent emails to the two local clubs and I am waiting for their response. I am trying to get to their meets and picnics so I can meet local falconers to possibly help out on hunts and hopefully find a sponsor. I really enjoy reading the posts on this forum. Great stuff very helpful. Any other suggestions/ideas would be appreciated. Thank You.