My name's Dani and I stumbled upon this forum while researching GHOs of all things. I found a thread about a member's exploits with his GHO that made me literally laugh out loud.

I grew up overseas in Germany (military family, you know how it goes) and had a close family friend who is a falconer in Germany. He often let me help feed or hold some of his birds over the years (my favorite was a barn owl named Erik) and it really sparked my interest in falconry. He often did demonstrations or was asked to reduce rabbit populations in specific areas with his hawk, Casper, and it always took my breath away to watch. I had planned on apprenticing with our family friend but my family ended up moving to the United States in 2009. Adjusting to life here in America and starting college put my plans on hold but as I am graduating next year, I've started looking at trying to get into falconry here in the US.

I'm planning to wait until after I've finished school so I can devote my time appropriately but I'm hungry for information so here I am! just here to read/watch/learn for now so that when the time comes, I feel more prepared.