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Welcome Ken.
Some 20+ years back I lived in your neck of the woods. Towns included Imbler, La Grande and N. Powder. The G. R. Valley is a great place to practice falconry. My wife grew up their. She lived on Pumpkin Ridge while attending EOSC. Who is your sponsor? Best of luck with your falconry journey.


I'm quite impressed to see that someone knows where the Grande Ronde Valley is and more specifically Pumpkin Ridge, half of the people in La Grande probably couldn't even find it, lol... I grew up in Summerville and then a month after turning 18 I spent a decade living in Los Angeles County (not something I'm proud of.) I just moved back home this last July.

It looks like my sponsor found my post before I could get back on and respond. William is a peregrine man, he hasn't flown a red tail in a LONG time... (insert age jokes here.) So, this will be a fun experience for both of us.

Thanks for the warm welcome,