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    OK guys, since starting to make hoods and building a website it appears that I have created a higher online profile than I would have liked. In doing so it seems there are a few who have questions as to how it can be that I was an apprentice in 2011 and posted so on this forum and then the next year flew a goshawk, hybrid and a redtail. Then was able to trap a passage peregrine the next season. All this when I should have been an apprentice, right? Not so right....

    In a perfect world a person that has a question about you would contact YOU. Not so anymore. The internet is judge and jury of all people. You are not allowed to explain or tell your side. You are convicted in the court of the internet. And thanks to those that have a personal beef with me, this comes up every couple of months and I have to explain myself to someone that I don't even know. So, for those that do not have the ability to contact me directly for information regarding ME, here you go.

    I was an apprentice in 1994-95. Before actually upgrading I was transferred out of the country. Europe and the middle east mostly. During that time I flew a few long wings, a few other birds and generally learned a lot. For those that do not know, a permit is not required in most countries to possess or practice falconry.

    I transferred back to the states and looked to get my falconry permit reinstated. I was told that after 10 years there was no way for me to renew or reestablish it. I would have to start from the beginning. I sucked it up and contacted a local falconer for sponsorship. I acquired my shiny new permit and went to hawking. After a few months I contacted the state and asked what I could do to prove the years I had vested. One of the things he wanted was letters of reference from falconers that I knew that would attest to my knowledge and skill level. All requirements were met and I was upgraded.

    So this is the whole story guys, not a piece and a bunch of make believe. I was told that I probably should just leave it alone. Those that know me know that really isn't my style. I kind of tell it like it is, good or bad. I have always posted to this website with the whole story, not just the good. This is no different.

    What bearing this has on my ability to make a high quality hood for your bird I don't know..but here it is guys.

    Below you will find a my letter of upgrade to general class and two letters of reference sent to the state in reference to me. One from my sponsor and one from another falconer friend. There were 5 sent in total, I didn't feel the need to post them all.
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