I've already been on here for a couple weeks...guess I'll introduce myself now!

My name is Paul Ward, and I am an active duty soldier stationed at Ft Gordon, GA.

I love to hunt and fish, but I also play durms when I have time, and I collect venomous and non-venomous snakes.

I moved to SC from El Paso, Tx. (where I was previously stationed) the end of June last year.

I was originally licensed in Colorado where I completed my apprenticeship a while back, but have since transferred my general license to SC.
I haven't had a bird since I've lived in SC, but I do have a Coulson's Harris coming this year.

I met a handfull of awesome falconers at the SCFA meet mid February, but unfortunately it seems the majority of them live almost on opposite ends of the state from me. Either way, I hope to meet more falconers that hunt/travel close to my area, or people who just want to go chase some game with me when the season rolls back around!