Congratulations, I scored an 86 and was surprised to get that. I had basically read everything I could get my hands on and decided to know what I needed to know I would have to take the test to see. Surprise , surprise.

One a side note, and sure to ruffle some molting feathers, the test I took was borderline ridiculous. I'd say at best half met my expectations of testing a person knowledge in a practical sense. If one is truthful falconry,in real life practice, is untestable until the end product is served because in reality there is only one test that matters. "Flight" said it right, it is the combination of responsibility between the sponsor and the apprentice to get it right plain and simple. Just reading some of these threads with the bazillion different recommendations on certain problems creates mass confusion for the newby much less committing to gospel some of the uselessness on that test. Being from South Louisiana I have 4 bird options to fly and that's it. Ask me about a Gos or a Gyr in a 10 years and my response will probably be "yeah they're nice birds, so I hear"

Just a view from an outsider who hopes to make his sponsor, and help, proud in the near future