I'm glad that someone else finds this appalling. Yes, it is cheating, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was even illegal. What a lot of beginners don't understand is that the falconry exam is not like an entrance exam for college where you are asked to show potential and the background to do the course work. It's more like the exams that you take halfway through medical school, after you have taken all the anatomy and physiology courses in preparation for the practical study. Before they let you start cutting-up people they want to make sure you know what's inside. Before you get your apprentice license you are supposed to know pretty much everything about falconry that has been written down somewhere. Once you get a bird things start to happen really fast. There's no time to figure out what you should do. You have to know it already. You may not have experience as to how, but you must at least know what you should do. You can crash and burn in a second, as many many beginners do in the first couple of weeks. All the weird random obscure questions on the exam are not in themselves so important. But the idea is that if you know them then you probably know all the rest too. i.e. It's not just the one fact about perches that you need to know. You need to know everything about perches. Like, what are all the types commonly used and what are their strengths and weaknesses. How do you make them, what are the proper dimensions, what are the proper materials. And on and on. You need to read all the books, and actually study them. Make note cards, quiz yourself. It can easily take a full year. If you are serious about wanting to succeed as a falconer then cheating your way through the exam is a TERRIBLE IDEA.