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Down guys down .You guys are absolutely right.This can be conceived as cheating. let me step back and say I have not taken the test and hope to soon. Md DNR spends 5 min. on the phone with you directs you to NY DNR for a falconry package tells you to study it before you take your test. the packet is word for word exactly the same as the apprentice sticky . The test is not made up so you will fail because as i understand you can retake it is just an inconvenience. You all are the ones that make sure some one is ready by signing as a Sponsor. The burden is on you if some one is not ready make them wait or work harder . Not everyone is ready to [some may never be ready to take on the responsibility to care for or manage hawks]. With that said yes cheating it may be.
The system is flawed
Any one interested in helping me learn all i can
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Thanks NEAL561
I am willing to learn
Neal, I blame the ones making the crib sheets. The ones using them are not cheating as much as being cheated. Just falling into a trap really.