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Looking forward to seeing you, there Bill. Early reports are that the jack population in Lubbock is doing quite well.
Not real sure where you've got this information Krys, but due to the lack of rain jack numbers are down pretty bad. I am leaving Lubbock as I type this and we went out and kicked around a few spots that used to have good jack numbers and I kicked up one jack over a couple if hours. Did not look for pheasant, but from asking several gun hunters I know, they were almost nonexistent this season due to the drought. I'm not wanting to rain on anyone's parade, but if we don't get some moisture, it's not going to improve. Also, all the duck ponds I looked at were dry or just about there. We were supposed to get some rain today, but I believe most of it was north around Amarillo, go figure lol. IF we can get some moisture, I could see it improving some, but as is, I'm not very optimistic on numbers. I will be kicking around a few other spots soon and will see how it looks.